logo graphic cutThere was a shiny new website.  It was lovely to look at, eloquently and economically written and properly set up to appeal to the all-powerful Judge Google and his search engine friends.

The newly-launched site was eager to do everything it could to help its owner make a success of their business.

For a time everything was going well and the website was happy.  It was a sociable creature so it loved to meet all the visitors that came to have a look.

But, soon it noticed that they were not staying for a look around and even if it persuaded them to visit the contact page they were leaving before registering or filling in the form to get more information.

Gradually, as the months passed, the poor website was spending more and more of its time alone and becoming more and more depressed.

One day it lost all hope and when a visitor tried to log up popped a .404 message “website unavailable”

….there was a flash and a bang and a twinkly light appeared.

“Hello, can I help?” It said

Who are you?

“I’m the Website Content fairy. Can I help you?”

The website explained its problems:

The fairy did a thorough examination of all its pages.

“Hmmm” she said. “Who are you trying to talk to? I can’t find a blog ….no testimonials….no free information… and nothing to encourage people to act … and why on earth are visitors being asked to register their details and give so much information on that long contact form?”

A tear rolled down the website’s homepage.  “I know, but…….”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I can see the problem … leave it to me “.  With another flash and bang the fairy was gone.

Next day the website’s owner was at a networking breakfast chatting to his neighbour, who was looking particularly lively for 7 in the morning.

“You look happy,” said the businessman.

“Yes, business is good and I’m picking up lots of leads through my website,” she said.

The businessman frowned.  He knew each of them had used the same company to put together their websites, so why was one working and not the other?

“How often do you update and add to your website?”  she asked, “and who writes your content?”

“Why should I update it?  It’s a perfectly good site; cost a fortune to put together, and it shows exactly what we do.  I wrote the words,” he said huffily.

“Ah …,” twinkled his neighbour. “But does it engage with your visitors?  Do you draw them into conversation?  Do you give them advice, tips, free stuff?”

“Why should I do that?” asked the businessman. “Everyone knows people won’t buy if they get stuff for free and it should be obvious from the site that we’re the best.”

“Why? Because you say so? Why should they believe you?” she asked.  “May I suggest that your website needs help and regular attention including good quality, interesting information if it is to please its visitors and bring you the enquiries that you want.”

She handed the businessman a card: “these people should be able to help you.  They’re experts on writing content marketing and they can advise you on ways to test and improve your customer conversions. Why not talk to them. I’ve used their services and you’ve seen my results. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you too if you spend a little time to work with them regularly….and what have you got to lose?”

And then she disappeared – pouf – in a cloud of sparkles.