How well do you know your customers?

If you have ever had a business coach or regularly attended business networking events you’re likely to have been asked “who is your ideal customer?”

A business that is offering a widely used service, such as building maintenance or even business coaching can find this tricky to answer.

Generalised marketing seldom produces results

Attracting more business means using some form of marketing:  any combination of a website, a blog, social media and traditional print.

Latest research shows that more than 80% of buyers will visit a company’s website at the start of their buying journey. 87% of them do it via a mobile phone.

They want to easily find relevant information and they want to know that you understand their concerns and needs first of all and only then how you can help them. Otherwise they’ll go somewhere else.

Marketing starts with a customer profile

handyman March 2014Here’s an example:

You’re a handyman offering household building maintenance and repairs.

Perhaps you have two main types of customer:

Young people who are working full time, perhaps have small children, and don’t have the skill or the time to fix things themselves.

Middle-aged to elderly householders who no longer have the physical fitness or the strength to fix things themselves.

Creating a simple profile of each of these will help you create a useful website that answers their questions – the young couple may need someone who can fit around their schedule, the older ones may have concerns about cost or security.

But you need to know more to help them find you and consider using your services.  How are they most likely to find you? Do they use a laptop, a PC, a tablet or a mobile to search online?  Which social media are they most likely to use – facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? YouTube?

A sample customer profile:

Jim and Ellie, mid-20s, both out working all day, one small child, mobile surfers who are mostly on twitter and facebook.

Knowing this you or your content marketer can create the words for your website that will be informative, friendly, personal and most importantly start a conversation. Your website designer will be able to create a responsive design that is easy to use on a mobile screen.

You can then plan a marketing strategy using facebook and twitter where you put useful tips, client recommendations, before and after pictures, blogs all directed to your website.

Call or email Multimedia Reputations to find out how we can help you engage with people as human beings, show that you understand their needs and win their custom.