logo graphic cutYou already know that your business is only likely to succeed and grow if you do a number of basic things, like setting out a business plan and goals and regularly referring to them, keeping control of your cash flow and invoicing, accounts and payments.

These are the foundations from which you get on with the job of supplying the goods or services at the heart of your business.

You also know that you can’t hope to attract customers or clients without actively marketing and promoting your business and that means you need to reach the people who will be interested in what you do and may be open to buying from you.

But I haven’t got time!

All owners of small businesses – or even larger ones – find themselves juggling with too much to do and eventually face the choice of long hours and no personal or thinking time, balancing the cost of trying to do everything themselves or buying in some expertise.

While using an accountant or book keeper may be a fairly easy decision many people struggle with having someone write their marketing material – who knows your company and its products better than you, after all?

But you know that marketing isn’t only about how well someone knows your company and products, all this can be learned fairly quickly.

It’s also about engaging with people, expressing things clearly and encouraging a conversation that will lead them to taking action and ultimately buying and it can use a variety of channels from facebook to Twitter, website updates to blogging, articles, white papers, discussion groups – the list is endless.

And it’s about knowing your customers’ profile/personality and behaviour, having a clear goal and strategy to reach them and doing it in the right way.

So you’ve decided you need marketing help – now talk to them

You wouldn’t neglect providing a friendly and efficient service or reacting promptly and positively if the worst should happen and you find yourself with a less than satisfied customer, would you?

So why, having engaged someone to work with you on your marketing, would you not make the time to regularly brief them on developments, changes and interesting happenings within your business?

It’s part of my service to put in the attention and effort to become an extension of your business so …

Yes, you do have time for a regular catch-up every week or two! Just think how much time you are saving by not having to plan and write all that stuff as well!